How does the increased use of bots affect our job as marketers?

Today…COVID, social distancing, video calls and dating apps…and my family expects me to go on a date and stand within six feet of a man? Absolutely not. And next…you’re going to tell me as I scroll across a profile that has man holding a fish…I have to think he’s real? That’s gotta be the real Bot.

Dating apps aside, the concept of bots had me wondering what other facets these fake accounts have influenced. This week’s class prompt asks us to think about how bots and fake accounts affects our job as marketers. Does this invalidate our data or simply add to the veracity?

Like most things in life, context and perception are what will influence this answer. As consumers, one is overwhelmed with ads everyday on social media, and if it captures interest, it still may be a buyer beware situation. As marketers, it seems to be more difficult to put out successful campaigns to a savvy generation that developed a distrust based on seeing many stories of being scammed, cat-fished, or duped by a fake account. Fake accounts may also affect market research. In surveying anonymous potential customers, we have no idea if the online accounts are real or represent a target audience.

Bots and social media fakery, in my opinion, have made the role of marketers more challenging…however, on a positive note, may have made a more conscious consumer. So when it comes to online reviews, social media searches, and yes, online dating apps…the consumer may have more wits about them.. and as marketers, one must now be even more innovative.